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Personal Relationships

We will not treat you like a short-term customer. We enjoy establishing long-term relationships and learning more about each patient.

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Experience the real difference here! Call us at (510) 651-8479 and book an appointment with our dentist now.

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Deaf-friendly Office

We are so proud to let you know that our practice is deaf-friendly! Our dentist, Dr. Weisman, has had three classes in ASL.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art dental services to a diverse clientele within a caring, supportive environment. To that end, we strive to make all of our patients feel at ease, and to create working conditions for our staff that motivate them to provide you with the best possible care.


We Offer Comfortable Dental Visits with Transparency

At Dental Care of Fremont, our dental team is enthusiastic about providing expert dental work as well as making sure our patients have a healthy foundation with perfect oral hygiene. Dental Care of Fremont's well trained staff is dedicated to ensuring our high standards are met with every patient that walks in the door. We know that every patient has different needs and by choosing Dental Care of Fremont our community of patients will receive thorough care during their dental examinations, procedures, and professional dental cleanings.


We Welcome New Patients!

Dental Care of Fremont has over 16 years of experience with families. We pride our business on oral expertise for Fremont’s families. We treat our patients using the most advanced state of the art technology. Call (510) 651-8479 today for your appointment!


Advanced Technology

We are equipped with some of the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies.

Same-Day Crown Technology 

The same-day crown technology allows a dentist to provide natural ceramic dental crowns to patients in a single dental visit.

Digital Photography

Digital photography lets us see things in higher magnification and demonstrate conditions to patients, allowing them to make the best decision for themselves.

Laser Cavity Detecting Device

A laser cavity detecting device helps detect even minute cavities early on that otherwise would be missed, resulting in much smaller fillings that last longer.

Digital X-rays

With digital X-rays, we get to manipulate images and gather information on things that are otherwise invisible through a visual examination, while requiring less radiation.

Meet Our Doctor

I was born in Philadelphia, Pa. but lived in many different areas because my father was career military. One of four children, there was never a dull moment growing up and my siblings and I still enjoy getting together every year for a family reunion. After living on Army bases in Virginia and Germany, my family moved to Florida then settled in Southern Illinois and later moved to Chicago.

I attended the University of Illinois Champagne/Urbana from 1979-1983 where I earned a degree in Biology and concurrently competed as a member of the U of I Big 10 Fencing team. I then attended dental school at the University of Illinois in Chicago from 1983-1987

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ASL Dentist in Fremont

Our dentist, Dr. Weisman, has had three ASL classes that enable him to offer personalized oral health care and ensure that patient needs are being met. 

Deaf Friendly Dentist in Fremont

We are a deaf-friendly dental practice! Our dentist has knowledge of ASL, as we want to ensure that everyone gets the best possible dental care.

Crowns in One Day Fremont

Our dental practice offers same-day dental crowns in Fremont - you can go back with a fully-functional dental crown the day you come in.

We are conveniently located near you

We are located in Fremont, CA, and offer a convenient location for your whole family. When you need to find the best dentist in Fremont, we are definitely the place to go. We strive to provide the best service possible to patients of all ages, including children. We offer the most comfortable experience possible. From the moment you walk through the door, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. At our practice, our staff members love their jobs. They enjoy working with patients and helping them achieve smiles they can be proud of. They stay up to date on the latest developments in dentistry so they can always deliver excellent care to their patients.

Our goal is to ensure that patients of every age have access to high-quality dental care. We understand that each patient has unique dental needs and concerns; our Best Dentist, 94539, works to provide customized dental care to our patients. 

Comprehensive Dentistry Services in Fremont, CA

Our best dentist in Fremont, CA, provides a comprehensive range of general, restorative, pediatric, and cosmetic dental care services. We use the latest dental technology to provide patients with advanced dental care. Our #1 Dentist, Fremont, CA, tailor recommendations based on the unique needs of each patient, and we focus on providing quality dental care to our patients.



Our Services


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Same-day Crowns at Dental Care of Fremont

At Dental Care of Fremont, Dr. Weisman and his expert dental team are equipped to offer our patients with top-notch dental services to help them achieve optimal oral health in function as well as appearance. One such restorative dental procedure is same-day crowns that can be completed in one dental appointment. This means no missed work or lost hours on the job, and you don’t have to worry about scheduling around multiple appointments to create your restoration. The convenience of same-day crowns makes them an ideal option for busy professionals or patients who don’t want to be away from their office for an extended period of time. At Dental Care of Fremont, we use digital scans and CEREC technology to fabricate the restoration while you wait to ensure an accurate fit and fast results. If you are interested in learning more about same day crowns, schedule a consultation with Dr. Weisman to find out if they are right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation and discover the difference we can make for your smile!


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