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Patients who are interested in having a healthy and beautiful smile can consult with our dentist in Fremont, CA, and his staff about their options for cosmetic dentistry procedures. They are happy to provide treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, and cosmetic bonding for patients who want to enhance their smile’s appearance.

During your consultation, our dentist in Fremont, CA, will discuss your smile goals and concerns with your dentist. He may recommend a series of appointments to address your concerns. This is because some procedures are simple and quick, while others are more complex and may require multiple office visits to complete. Depending on the number of treatments that you receive, you can be on your way to achieving a beautiful and healthy smile within just a few months.

Veneers With Dentist in Fremont, CA

Veneers are best for patients who want to improve their tooth color or shape. They are also helpful for patients with minor misalignment issues, such as gapped and crooked teeth. After a consultation appointment, our dentist in Fremont, CA, can help you decide if veneers are the right treatment option for you. They are generally recommended for patients who have moderately stained or discolored teeth. However, you may also be a good candidate if you have slightly uneven teeth. If you don’t like the shape or size of your teeth, then you may want to consider getting veneers as well.

We proudly serve the entire Fremont, including Milpitas, Union City, Newark, Pleasanton, Dublin, Hayward, and Livermore. To schedule an appointment with our dentist in Fremont, CA, call (510) 651-8479, and we will be happy to help.


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